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+Life coach joins Root Dynamics team.

Life coach joins Root Dynamics team.  Root Dynamics (Hamilton, OH) announces the recent addition of Life Coach and Business Mentor Pati Root to the professional staff of The Undiscovered Goddess radio program. This blog-style, internet radio show airs on and focuses on women’s issues. Hosted by Michelle Colston, author of the book The Undiscovered Goddess, the program inspires its listeners through humor and simple daily life experiences (

Coach Pati Root fills the slot of Virtual Coach, providing weekly best practices tied directly to the shows topic, and will be featured in a monthly Coaching segment. Listeners receive ideas and next steps to apply to their own personal growth.

Pati Root has been a professional Life Coach since 2004, is the mother of six and a business professional with a 30 year history of sales, training, coaching, education and management. Her mantra of “providing the seeds of greatness” is the key in working with individuals, helping them recognize and develop their potential to become the most they can be. Learn more about working with a virtual coach at  From:

+Life coach works backward from goal. Pati Root starts by looking where you want to be, then makes sure you are balanced

Pati Root started a life-coaching business, Root Dynamics, four years ago after a career

in sales, training and teaching. The Hamilton mother of six and grandmother of nine became interested in the field when she was hired by a company to coach professionally and was trained.


WHAT IS LIFE coaching?

All my coaching is done over the phone. I do no coaching face-to-face. It allows my clients to completely open up. No one is judging them, so they truly can open up. It is truly about them.  It is not counseling. It is not therapy. A life coach comes along beside a person and works with the individual and helps them define where it is they want to be. I like to do vision-casting on what they want to become and where they want that business to be. And I work backward to create a timeline of how to do that.


WHAT DO YOU work on with your clients?

There’s a whole lot of components that come into play. That your whole life has to be in balance. I work with the individual to make sure all those components are in balance. Otherwise other things get out of balance. Careers slip, marriages slip, your relationships are unhappy. We work on the components of health, finance, jobs,

family, spirit.


WHAT ARE SOME of the issues you see?

I work with a lot of women professionals and women in business.  Women in business are torn frequently with being a good mom.  They want to be at home with the kids and be a good mom. It’s understanding what does being a good mom mean to them? You believe it, you define it, and you start living it. How do I compete against men in business? That’s something we work on all the time.


IF SOMEONE’S INTERESTED, how should they get started?

My advice is if someone is looking for a coach, they should try them on first. Meet with the coach first and see if the personality fits. The coach should not dominate the first conversation.  

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+Pati Root, 56, of Hamilton, specializes in advising working women who try to balance their careers with family life.

BYLINE: Richard Wilson Staff Writer • DATE: February 3, 2009

• PUBLICATION: JournalNews, The (Hamilton, OH)


HAMILTON – Those who coach sports can help you succeed in high school or college, and those who coach life can help you succeed in your career and other matters. It is International Coaching Week and the Hamilton Coaches Association is offering free one-time sessions this week, a value that ranges in price from $300 to $600.

Pati Root, 56, of Hamilton, specializes in advising working women who try to balance their careers with family life.

Root said she likens her clients’ needs to mail piling up in a basket: Some piles might be centered around family relationships or work life, and the question becomes – “How do you manage them?”

“Coaching helps simplify your life and increases the quality of your life. The end result is you’re able to make better decisions and find some peace and happiness,” Root said.

Root can be reached at (513) 895-1958

Dick Haid, 77, of Berkley Square in Hamilton, works with “boomers” and folks later in age in providing advice for the third quarter – of life that is.

“It is potentially the most abundant time of life,” Haid said.

The third quarter – distinguished from the “I am my body” first quarter, “being productive” second quarter and “values changing” fourth quarter – is characterized by reaching out and building relationships, learning in different ways and spiritual development.

Haid can be reached at (513) 868-1488

Antoinette Webster, 51, of Lindenwald, said she takes a broad approach, providing “life, balance, spirit” coaching.

Webster has written two books about how to incorporate and sustain “enthusiasm” in your life, a subject which she said continues to fascinate her.

Webster can be reached at (513) 887-0600

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