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Taking Ownership Of Your Finances: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Readers, Ryan Dagg, founder and President of Asset You Free is one of our coaching partners and a darn good financial coach. This week Ryan shares a five step process to take ownership of your finances.   Having financial balance is key to obtaining your overall goals. To learn more about taking control of the money in your life, visit www.assetyoufree.com.

Taking Ownership Of Your


What do you expect?

Pati on webtalkradio.com 7/8/2013

What exactly do you expect out of your sex life or from your partner? Statistics show three out of every ten women are sexually unsatisfied. Maybe some of us are settling for vanilla when we’d rather have rocky road…or perhaps the road is a little TOO rocky. Either way, many women are left wanting more—but why?



Mail Call!

Mail Call! Pati responds to your questions:

Hey folks – questions and comments are always welcome. Simply drop an email to coach@rootdynamics.com. Today’s mail bag:

  • Q: How do I get my husband to respond to my request for help around the house?
  • A: If your goals are not his goals, there’s a good chance he will not respond to your request. Prepare

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