What To Expect


What to Expect:

While you see categories such as Life Coach or Business Coach, in reality, coaching is about doing. The Coaching experience is different for each person.  It is not uncommon for someone to call for Business Coaching only to discover underlying Life concerns that are getting in the way of professional development. Coaching is tailored to meet the clients’ specific needs.

Most coaching is done with a combination of phone sessions and email.  Many clients meet with a coach twice a month, and some select one session a month.  Laser calls occur between sessions for those “on-the-edge” moments.

The first session is a “get-to-know-you” assuring personality’s mesh and are a good fit to achieve maximum results.  We accomplish results through creating the vision of desired outcome. Together we identify steps to accomplish the journey which include homework and agreed upon actions, and finally, accountability. In all coaching categories the coach provokes thought, does not side-step the uncomfortable, is a compass and provides balance.


Results of working with a Coach:

Increased self-esteem, improved communication skills, enhanced relationships, better work/life balance and less stress. Make better decisions and navigate the daily demands of career, professional development, and home. Clearer sense of what is important and choose how YOU want to live. Feel better physically, more connected spiritually, and are finally moving forward.