Paths to Success


When your old rules for success have stopped working, and balance is impossible to imagine, consider working with me, Pati Root, as your coach.

Take charge of a life that’s trying to control you.

As a parent and business professional, I understand your day-to-day challenges. I raised six children while building a career as a successful sales executive. My training and expertise as a life and business coach combined with my practical, real-world experiences, give you the best of both worlds:

    • Time-tested tools and strategies helping you define and  act on, a specific plan which recognizes where you are today and where you      want to go.
    • A pragmatic, down-to-earth approach enabling you to resolve problems and stay on track.

Too often we tell ourselves, “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have the time.” Consider that just two hours a month of working with me, as your coach, will help you:

    • Eliminate much of the life’s daily stresses
    • Attain bigger personal and business goals – quickly
    • Move your career forward or find a new fulfilling job
    • Rediscover yourself and your marriage
    • Develop deeper relationships with friends and family
    • Reduce and eliminate deepening debt

Take your first step! Contact me for your free, no-obligation, consultation. Learn how I can help you reach your goals, by planting the seeds for positive change in your life.

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Coaching Areas: Leadership • Career • Small Business • Life Transitions • Heart and Spirit • Business Skills • Growth and Development Vocation • Mid-Life • Quality of Life • Relationships • Parenting

Things People Want

    • Make and Keep More Money
    • Simplify Life and Work
    • Get More Done in Less Time
    • Build a Full Client Base
    • Feel Better Physically and Emotionally
    • Become Closer with Others
    • Eliminate the Hassles of Life
    • Have a Successful Business
    • Increase Sales and Profitability
    • Remove the Clutter
    • Start a New Business
    • Create Appropriate Boundaries
    • Ability to Say No