Pursuit of Happiness

I recently had the opportunity to work with a kick-butt sales professional who consistently made his sales objectives, pulling  off near impossible deals and frequently received national recognition for his accomplishments.  However, the more more he attained, the more he felt success eluded him.  It was as if he was stuck in a never ending cycle of working for what be believed would bring him happiness, to only find he felt hollow and lacking. He pondered if a change in job or life would get him in a happy place. Sound familiar?

Here’s the good news –   we may not need to get rid of all the old and usher in anything new other than the way we look at things.  Stop striving to make yourself feel complete.  Take inventory of what you have and what you have accomplished (yes, write it down). Include the things that made you smile, like the time your kid caught a fly ball , or you learned to drive a stick shift. Now identify three things that made today a “best day”.  Take action, become a positive do-er. Make a choice to look for things to appreciate. Write it down, say it loud.

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