• International Coach Federation: – A non-profit professional organization of personal and business coaches.
  • Michelle Colston, author of The Undiscovered Goddess, a self-help, light women’s fiction book that will inspire you to look within, find your inner goddess and then celebrate how fabulous you are.
  • Dick Haid, adult mentor and coach, explores the third quarter of life and avidly promotes ‘protirement’:
  • Maximum Innovations offers a variety of resources to help you hire, train and retain your people:  DiSC personality profiles and training.
  • One stop shopping for all recommended reading material:
  • Ryan Dagg, www.assetyoufree, Root Dynamics Coaching Partner specializing in money and finance.

Suggested Reading:

  • Loving What Is by Byron Katie
  • The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
  • Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson
  • The One Page Business Plan by Jim Horan
  • A Passionate Life by Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad
  • Emotionally Free by David Viscott, MD
  • Permission to Succeed by Noah St. John
  • Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century by Colin Rose and Malcolm J. Nicholl
  • You Don’t have to Come Home From Work Exhausted: A Program to Bring Joy, Energy, and Balance to Your Life by Anne Mcgee-Cooper