Living with Illness


Dying. It is something everyone does, yet very few people talk about.  Death impacts the way we live our life whether it is us who are dying, or a friend or loved one.

Life Limiting Illness coaching is for individuals, family members and loved ones who are moving through the before death process. A Life Coach provides support and encouragement, helping navigate the obstacles of the dying process.

  • Navigate life transitions
  • Understand the language of dying
  • Say what you need to say
  • Create a better quality of life before death
  • Life after death
  • What does a person feel when they die
  • Spiritual growth
  • Grieving before death
  • Anger, frustration,  hopelessness

Coaching can be done with individuals or a small group.  Participants learn to confront the “Elephant in the Living Room” making death a precious, scared event.

Frequent questions:

Q.        Isn’t this what hospice is for?

A.        No. Coaching will not replace Hospice.  Usually Hospice is contacted within the last six month’s of the individuals’ life to help with care. Living with Life Limiting Illness helps prepare for a life changing event. Preferably individuals or families will begin coaching early in a life ending diagnosis.

Q.        Is this type of coaching only for people who are dying?

A.        It is for anyone going through a life altering event.

Q.        Are the sessions scheduled like other sessions? Do you meet twice a month?

A.        Sessions are scheduled based on the individual or family needs.

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