Life Coaching realize your potential

“The benefits of working with Pati Root as a coach have been tremendous. Pati’s positive coaching and insight make it possible to realize your potential. She focuses your thinking and gives you the tools to make actionable positive changes. Since working with Pati I’ve become much more focused and much less stressed. My stress-induced asthma attacks have virtually disappeared and I’m eating better and exercising and the funny thing is, those weren’t the issues that brought me to Pati. I called Pati because I needed a coach to help me discover what really matters in my life and how to bring energy and focus to those things.

A good coach, like Pati, makes it possible to progress, succeed and find joy in your life much more quickly than you would on your own. I highly recommend Pati Root.”  –Lisa – Cincinnati, OH

Your Life Coach is a mentor, a guide, and a motivator, giving you objective feedback, encouragement and non-stop support, helping you navigate the obstacles.

A Life Coach is a Personal Trainer for your mind, helping you define your dreams and putting your plans into actions.

Personal coaching is for people who feel they would like a more successful, rewarding and fulfilling personal life.

Coaching is delivered during regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions either over the phone or in person (which ever is more convenient).

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