Surrender – and being the authentic you

Surrender – and being the authentic you

Can a big house, lots of money, a perpetually thin body, or great hair every day really make us happy? Ready for the shocker? YES, if you choose to be.

What about a load of debt, tyrant boss, demanding spouse, or for me, a flower bed of thistles and weeds? Can we be happy if this is our life? Answer – YES, if you choose to be.

How much time do you spend thinking about how good things will be when…..I lose 15 pounds, replace my kitchen, find a new job, win the lottery, get married, feel better, well, the list could go on and on.

To satisfy my curiosity, I asked Beth, super client, to share her thoughts. She summed it up with one word: Surrender. To learn more….keep reading!

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have – Teddy Roosevelt

In Beth’s words: Surrender is deciding that fighting your current limitations is a waste of energy.  Surrender is a time out, a breath, a starting point. It is not a place you stay. Surrender is settling. Settling means choosing and focusing. Example: You won’t act if you don’t first choose (settle on) an action.

Surrender is not complacency, weakness or giving up.  It is making peace with reality and choosing to accept what we have, right now, with a sense of gratitude.

Hold on here, Beth…If I have a boss who is making my life a living nightmare, how do I find gratitude?

You have a choice about how you relate to the circumstance. When you are less desperate you think more clearly and act more calmly. Thinking more calmly allows you to view the situation and identify areas you are growing as a result of the situation.

Motivational speaker Mike Robbins suggest when dealing with the most difficult and challenging aspects of your life, ask yourself these great questions:

    • What good is here that I’m currently not seeing?
    • What is this situation teaching me that I’m grateful for?
    • Why is happening for (not to) me?
    • What would it look like if I surrendered to this instead of fighting against it?
    • What aspect of myself can I appreciate more deeply as a way of loosening the grip of this issue in my life?

Through the practice of surrender, Beth identifies actions (settles), identifying a completion point, and celebrates what she did. She chooses to have a willingness to grow even in situations that aren’t ideal.

By living in the moment and giving ourselves permission to receive the gift of “what is”,  we create a sense of peace and joy which, bottom line, is what most of truly want, anyway.

Pati Root is a sought after Results Coach and the in-house Life Coach for Undiscovered Goddess on webtalkradio.net. Pati works with business and private clients and also works with families facing life impacting illnesses. More info at www.rootdynamics.com. Follow Pati on Twitter: www.twitter.com/patiroot

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