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The Best Team Ever

The Best Team Ever

Today someone asked me what was the best team I had ever been on.  I admit, I didn’t have an answer on the tip of my tongue and had to really process what that meant to me. I process best when I’m writing. As I jotted thoughts and emotions, a clear picture developed.  The best team I’ve


Nine Principles of Fun

Nine Principles of Fun:
  • 1. Stop hiding who you really are.
  • 2. Start being intensely selfish.
  • 3. Stop following the rules.
  • 4. Start scaring yourself.
  • 5. Stop taking it all so damn seriously.
  • 6. Start getting rid of the crap.
  • 7. Stop being busy.
  • 8. Start something.
  • 9. Don’t worry what others will think about you.
When do people perform best at any task, from sport to nuclear physics? When they’re relaxed, intent on what