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Train your brain: Three tips for reducing negativity

“We all have skepticism, fears and doubts.  The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is that successful people learn not to let these feelings be an excuse for failing to take the necessary actions that will bring them success.” Steve Harrison, founder of the Million Dollar Author Club

Imagine reversing all the negative thoughts you are holding, turning them into creative energy.  What would be the outcome? A job with joy, emotionally healthy relationships, or abundant time and energy may be a few.

A number of my clients feel they lose power when they are not in control and are pleasantly surprised and rewarded upon the realization they have more power by accepting things they can’t control.  Acceptance is not approval.  It is simply leaning into the “what is.”  Through acceptance, we regain personal power, and can focus energy on the things we can change.

Rick Hanson author of the book “Just One Thing: Developing a Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time” offers a number of tips.  I like keeping it super simple, so I’m sharing three.

Three tips to tame negative thinking:

Pause.  Allow time to think and reflect on the situation.  An emotional mind may cloud clarity.  You may choose to totally step away for a day. Ask yourself ‘Can I accept this, whether I like it or not?’ Hanson states “That’s 50 percent of the battle.  It doesn’t change the movie that’s playing in your head, but it changes the experience you’re having of the movie.”

Be an advocate for yourself. Hanson acknowledged this can be difficult, because finding acceptance and being able to self-sooth are not our natural responses to negativity. Speak affirming words: ‘I want to help myself, I am strong, I am for me.’ It is okay to take a moment and acknowledge ‘I wish I didn’t feel so bad’ then move to the next step.

Make a plan. “Ask yourself, ‘What am I going to do about this? What am I doing out in the world and what will I do differently inside my own head?’” Hanson said.

Readers, you know my rule: off the crown – write it down. Journal each of the three steps, lean into a more positive you!

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