Up, Up, and Away – the Power in Having a Personal Path

Written by Pati Root

I recently chatted with an accountant who frankly, just does not fit the profile. As we talked, it became apparent how miserable he really is working with reports, books, and numbers. So I asked him, “Carl, how in the world did you end up in this field?” Carl stammered for a moment then confessed at the time he really had not given it much thought. His family believed it would be a good, stable job, so he went into bean counting. Eighteen years later, Carl is still behind a desk crunching numbers, and wishing to be anywhere else other than where he is now.

I’m curious, how many of us identify with Carl? I would rather be anywhere else other than: being a part-time parent, working a 70 hour week, working with a boss that doesn’t appreciate me, a relationship that is empty, too much clutter, too much noise….well, the list could be endless.

While most folks don’t want to stay in that place of misery, many struggle to find a way out. They try to change things up, repeat positive affirmations, and read self-help books. Those things are good, but may not effective if you do not have a vision or mental picture of what you want to be, or where you want to go.

What is vision or personal path?

Think of it as a journey (pre GPS days) when you had to pull out the old Rand McNally Road Atlas to chart the roads you would take to reach your destination. To plan your trip you needed:

1.Know where you were going to end up (destination)
2.Roads or Highways to take (take your time, or get there fast)
3.Sights to see while getting there

As you plan the trip, you highlight the routes and research places to stay while planning activities for each stop. You want every minute of the journey to count. You may even take pictures and journal your trip. You know you successfully arrive when you pull into your destination with a big ol’ smile and remember the things you did along the way.

Creating a personal path is very similar. Begin with end in mind. Life is that whole book of destinations and you really do get to choose where you want to go. If you don’t go anywhere – that’s your choice. If you want to get a different job, again, your choice. Be the best parent ever by developing and stretching yourself? Yep, that too.

You see, all things are possible. With a well defined destination in mind you can create the routes to take, celebrating milestones along the way. Working with a coach helps you gain clarity of which map you pick up and make yours. You work with your coach to chart your course, identifying which “sights” and “routes” to take. Your coach won’t let you detour around a road block, rather, helps you work your way through it.

Let’s circle back to Carl. He is has come up with five land marks on this personal path and is starting to fine tune the final destination. Beans are still in his future, but only for a short time. Carl has more energy and lights up as he shares the charts and routes he will take.

Are you ready to be more like Carl? Take the first step by tapping the “request” link on our web site to learn more about working with a coach.

Have a good journey!

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